You really gotta give it up to this Patriots team. After that crazy offseason, losing Welker and Hernandez, I don’t think anyone ever expected us to be #2 seed and finish 12-4. I’m not even gonna bring up the record that the sports “analysts” predicted in the beginning.


There’s something about this Patriots team. They’re hungry and want it. It’s like no matter how they play, they get the win. This may not be Brady’s best season but it’s actually one of BB’s.

Keep grinding. And this season we are underdogs, anything can happen. Patriots do better as underdogs. I have a feeling this is gonna be special.



People ask me why I love Boston so much. Those photos are just some of the reasons why. Yeah, most of these photos are from the Marathon Bombings, but that day defined this city as a whole. 

That day changed this city, but not for the worse, it showed how a city can come together in a time of despair, a time of tragedy, how we can pull together to become something bigger than ourselves. We will never forget the lives that were lost or the families that suffered, but we will also never forget the unity of the people. Not only did the first responders, firemen, police, medical personnel combine to help those in need, but civilians, ordinary citizens also joined together to get people to safety, protect others. You have to remember, this marathon brings people from all around the world, but everybody was about protecting the person next to them, it could have been your neighbor, your best friend, a family member or a total stranger. It didn’t matter. That day, everyone was family, this city became one. 

We all remember Big Papi’s speech at the Red Sox game that weekend. It may not have seemed like much, but what he did for this city was incredible. Watch the video of it, people were in Fenway Park with tears rolling down their faces. Papi was able to say what no one else could when we needed it the most. Then the fact that the Red Sox came from behind late in that game to win shows the magic that this city can bring. You’ve all seen the video of the entire TD Garden singing the National Anthem, yet another perfect example of what this city is all about. Flags were waving, people shed tears, and then the “We are Boston” chants at the end. I don’t care who you are, what city you’re from, that is saying something. 

People who say they hate Boston or Bostonians have obviously never been to the city. The people of Boston are some of the greatest, kindest people in the world, yeah we have our flaws, we can be arrogant, but for good reason, because we know our city is great, we embrace it, and we’re damn proud of it. 

Sorry for that being so long, just a proud Bostonian getting stuff off my chest

We are Boston

We are Strong